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The personnel operating at various steps of production are trained at regular basis for maintaining the quality. The operators separate the different types of meals to different lots on basis of fish type, quality of raw fish and quality of fishmeal based on the color, odour and appearance. Lots thus segregated are noted with samples sent to our own well-equipped laboratory to cater the further/daily analysis of the products from the company.

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Products Quality

We have well trained quality control personnel working round the clock to ensure no room for compromise on quality standards.

Largest facility

In addition to being the quality product suppliers in India, we also take pride in having the largest production facility of 100 ton per day intake capacity production plant and storage capacity.


We compile with all required certifications and standards, and regular upgrade ourself to new specifications.









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What We Offer

Fish meal

Fish Meal is a high nutrient concentration, can be a special advantage as supplement in high nutrient dense starter diets for poultry, aquaculture and animal feed.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has an important application in the animal feed industry (mainly aquaculture and poultry), where it is known to enhance growth, feed conversion rate (FCR) and increased resistance to diseases.

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We can this is the best company for fish meal and fish oil. We have purchased them in this company and they are high in quality and best. We would highly recommend!!!!
Krishna Mohan G
Client of Company
Blue Aqua Products company maintains quality in their products. We have brought fish meal and fish oil products which are best in quality and rich-proteins. Highly recommend!!!
Naga Phaneendra
Client of Company
This company provides highest quality products combined with highest quality service. They listened to our requirement and provided best products. We will refer this company to any one who are searching for marine feed products.
Samuel Paul
Client of Company
For marine feed products blue aqua products is the best company to reach. They maintain quality in the products and provides best protein-rich marine feeds.
Chiranjeevi K
Client of Company
Blue aqua products company doesn’t comprise in the quality of the products. Every product they manufactured comes with best quality. I will highly recommend this company.
Rajsekhar L
Client of Company